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Author: Sinna

Shaq and I save the earth from M&Phils

submitted 7-5-17 by user Baloo the bear I once was hiking trough the forest to take nature shots, as I do more often. This time I went into a region I didn’t know so well, but there were many mushrooms and beautiful coloured...

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Scroll down to see more, click any picture to view full size I want to see more pictures and a...

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The day I met sexysinna

By holyknight (c) 2016 This was a few years back, before I had settled down, and was still traveling during my summers. I was on summer break from college and visiting a war buddy of mine I had not seen since I had gotten out of...

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Hitchhiking into Darkness

As a young woman, I must have been about 19 or 20, I was travelling through Sweden. One day, there was a snowstorm and the trains would not ride. I decided to hitch a ride from the station and go from there. My first ride was an...

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