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Category: Stories

Shaq and I save the earth from M&Phils

submitted 7-5-17 by user Baloo the bear I once was hiking trough the forest to take nature shots, as I do more often. This time I went into a region I didn’t know so well, but there were many mushrooms and beautiful coloured...

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The day I met sexysinna

By holyknight (c) 2016 This was a few years back, before I had settled down, and was still traveling during my summers. I was on summer break from college and visiting a war buddy of mine I had not seen since I had gotten out of...

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Hitchhiking into Darkness

As a young woman, I must have been about 19 or 20, I was travelling through Sweden. One day, there was a snowstorm and the trains would not ride. I decided to hitch a ride from the station and go from there. My first ride was an...

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Was it meant to pee like that?

It was in the summer holidays. I had nothing to do and that felt very good. I am a person that never gets bored. I just dream away or fantasize about anything you can think of and it always seems as if time is just going by...

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An Evening with SexySinna

By PaulyPeeps (c) 2016 I knew straight away it was Sinna walking in to the bar. There was no mistaking that pink hair and matching pink mini skirt. In real life she was just stunning, so confident in her six inch pink heels. I...

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