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An Evening with SexySinna

by | Mar 26, 2016 | Stories | 0 comments

By PaulyPeeps (c) 2016

I knew straight away it was Sinna walking in to the bar. There was no mistaking that pink hair and matching pink mini skirt. In real life she was just stunning, so confident in her six inch pink heels.

I waved coquettishly, and she saw me and walked up to the bar.

“Hi Sinna, so great to meet you after all this time chatting online.” I said.

I was trying to be composed, but now I was in the presence of the famous Sinna. What would she think of boring me, my boring skirt suit nothing like her outfit.

“Hi PP.” Sinna replied.

“What would you like to drink? Something long and pink?” I asked.

“Perhaps later.” She said. “For now just cola. A big one.”

I ordered two large colas. Perhaps we were not so different; at least we drank the same.

We picked up our drinks from the bar and I took a sip.

“I think we had better sit over there.” Said Sinna gesturing to a quiet corner.

I followed Sinna and we sat at a quiet table in the corner.

“Ahh. That’s better.” Said Sinna with a look of relief on her face.

Sinna began to check in her handbag, dropping a coin on to the floor.

“Whoops!” Said Sinna. “Could you pick that up for me?”

I bent down to look under the table. At once I could see why she had an expression of relief on her face. She was sitting with her legs slightly parted and there was an unmistakeable trickle of pee running from the front of Sinna’s chair on to the carpeted floor. It was dark under the table and I could not see what was happening under Sinna’s skirt, but the trickle on to the carpet told me all I needed to know.

I paused for a few seconds, mesmerised, before I picked up the coin and returned it to Sinna.

Smiling, I commented. “It is much more comfortable here than at the bar.”

“It is.” Said Sinna. “This seat is so lovely and warm.”

Sinna looked more contented than ever as she sipped her cola. I could now just hear the patter of her pee trickling on to the carpet above the murmur of voices in the bar.

“Are you going to join me?” Asked Sinna.

“Do you think I should?” I questioned. “My skirt is longer than yours and I am sitting on it. I was going to wait until later.”

Sinna ducked her head under the table and bobbed back up.

“It’s black, nothing will show. Just do it.” Said Sinna with the confidence of a woman who must have done this a hundred times before.

Sinna reached across the table and briefly squeezed my hand. “When I squeeze your hand, just relax. You’re with Sinna now, enjoy yourself!”

Sinna gently squeezed my hand again. At first I fought it, but I closed my eyes and forgot where I was and just relaxed.

Suddenly I felt the warmth pooling in my skirt, caressing my thighs.

My trance was broken by Sinna. “You can open your eyes now.” She said squeezing my hand again.

Sinna was smiling. “Feels nice doesn’t it. I know what you’re doing, I can tell by the expression on your face.”

It did feel nice. I could feel my pee soaking through my skirt and seeping under my bottom, soaking in to the upholstery and caressing me in warmth. It really felt delicious to be just sitting and peeing in such a public place. It felt a bit naughty to be peeing through my skirt, but Sinna told me to do it so it must be O.K.

Sinna sipped the last drops of cola from her glass. “You will have to get us some more drink.” She said, adding. “I am stuck her in the corner, you will have to go to the bar.”

“I’m still going.” I whispered.

“I can wait.” Said Sinna smiling.

I cut off the flow, and then began to wonder how I was going to get to the bar without everyone seeing that I had just wet myself.

“I can’t do this.” I said said, and then whispered. “I’m too wet.”

“Give it a couple of minutes to soak in.” Said Sinna.

I finished the last of my cola and gingerly stood up, quickly twisting so my bottom was facing Sinna.

“See, look at my bottom.” I whispered to Sinna.

“Your fine.” Sinna replied. “Nothing shows at all. We need more drink!”

Sinna had said I was fine, so I must be fine. Still I took very careful steps as I walked slowly to the bar. The trickles of pee dripping from the hem of my skirt on the back of my legs was a bit disconcerting, but at least I knew that nothing would show on my fishnet stockings.

I walked to the bar expecting that all eyes were on me because I was the girl who had just peed her skirt, but I just looked straight ahead.

I got the two glasses of cola and was on my way back when I realised that no one was looking at me.

I sat back down and felt the coolness of the damp seat on my thighs. Instinctively I knew what to do and relaxed, rewarming my seat.

We sat in the bar for four hours chatting. I was trying to find out from Sinna what life was like as an international celebrity and movie star, and Sinna was asking me all about what she could do to improve her web site. It was nice that a boring I.T. girl like me had something to offer so the conversation was not too one sided. After all everyone knows so much about Sinna, but no one knows anything about boring old me.

By the time I had finished my sixth glass of cola and it was time for dinner the carpet was becoming very squishy underfoot.

We stood and made or way out of the bar. By now I was used to the trickles of pee running off the back of my wet skirt on to my legs and was starting to enjoy the sensation. It was not until we were outside that I noticed the dark strip along the back of the hem of Sinna’s skirt.

I whispered to Sinna.”You have a damp patch on your skirt.”

“It’s O.K.” Sinna said, adding. “It happens. No one will notice.”

We walked down the street to the restaurant. Sinna walked a few steps briskly ahead and began to pee, little trickles started to run down her legs and splatter periodically on the pavement. Sinna finished with a quick twirl before walking alongside me.

At the restaurant we were greeted like royalty.

“Welcome Miss Sinna. So lovely to have you back so soon.” Said the waiter as he took us to our table.

As soon as we were seated I saw the contented look on Sinna’s face again.

“Surely not here?” I said to Sinna, having a good idea what she was doing.

Sinna replied. “Yes, I always come here. No one has complained yet.

Sinna smiled, a big beaming smile. How could I not join her.

The waiter came to the table with two large glasses of cola. “Cola for madam?” He asked me while placing one of the glasses in front of Sinna.

I just nodded and the waiter placed the second glass in front of me.

As the waiter walked away I felt less inhibited and relaxed. I quickly warmed up my skirt and soaked the upholstery of the seat.

I kept up with Sinna drinking my cola through all three courses, with new glasses brought to us as soon as we were finished. After our sweet we had coffee, and then it was time to leave.

Sinna led the way out, and again I was a little shocked as she walked through the restaurant spurting little trickles of pee down her legs completely un-noticed by anyone other than me.

Sinna led the way to the cinema. We got the usual popcorn and giant cup of cola. The vendor was a little surprised that we got one each, but we both knew that one and a half litres was barely enough for three hours.

The darkness of the cinema meant Sinna could have a bit more fun with me. As soon as we were settled in she silently took my hand and pressed it up to her pussy. I instinctively began to massage her with my fingers, and was soon rewarded with the warmth as she began to pee on my hand. feeling Sinna’s warm and naked pussy under her skirt made me wish that I had worn a shorter skirt too.

Sinna tried to reciprocate but my skirt was too tight, instead she spent the whole film with her hand on my breast, gently fondling it as I continued to fondle her pussy periodically rewarded with the warmth of her pee.

I too soaked my own seat, relaxing whenever Sinna warmed my hand with her pee.

After the film we made our way out, joining the queue for the exit. Sinna stood behind me pressing her leg between mine and whispered in my ear. “Pee.”

We were going nowhere fast, so I did. Gently letting a little pee out. With Sinna forcing my legs apart I felt my pee splash off the front of my skirt on to my legs, but I knew that Sinna was getting the full benefit of the warmth.

As the queue began to move I cut off the flow and stepped forward.

Out in the cool night air my legs suddenly felt cold. I told Sinna.

“Warm them up then!” Sinna said, letting quite a lot of pee run down her legs.

Sinna led the way to the club, skipping and generally being quite playful.

As at the restaurant Sinna was a VIP going straight to the front of the queue and getting us in.

We went straight to the bar and got our free drinks, the barman just knowing the we would have large glasses of cola, and quickly drunk them down before Sinna dragged me on to the dancefloor.

Sinna was now like a wild thing. Her hands were all over me and she was putting my hands all over her. Time an time again Sinna pressed her crotch to my leg and released a spurt of pee as we danced, whispering “Pee.” In my ear hoping that I would reciprocate which I did as often as I could. I was in heaven dancing with the wild and gorgeous Sinna.

I was soon a little tired, so we returned to the bar for more cola and Sinna led me to a sofa. A sat back on the sofa sipping my cola when Sinna knelt astride me kissing me passionately.

I knew what was coming but the warmth was just delicious as Sinna’s pee soaked through the front of my skirt and trickled down my crotch.

Eventually Sinna climbed off me and stood astride my legs. As we finished our cola she began to pee alternately on my legs in a most luxurious way.

We carried on dancing interspersed with drinking and peeing. Every time Sinna would save some pee so she could pee on me.

Closing time came and Sinna led the way to her hotel. It was in the lift that she pressed her crotch to my leg and peed on me. When the lift arrived Sinna told me to walk and pee, so I did as she watched, leaving a trail on the carpet all the way to her door.

Sinna dragged me straight to the bed, and while wriggling my skirt up she said. “I don’t think we will be sleeping tonight.”

As Sinna pressed her face in to my crotch I relaxed, and was rewarded by Sinna’s warmth as she lowered her peeing pussy to my mouth.

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