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Welcome to 2pee4you

I am a young girl (25) with a pee fetish and I created this website for us to enjoy and share our arousing erotic stories. You can read pee related or other sex stories and erotica, watch pee and wetting pictures and masturbate freely, showing your appreciation with every cumshot or female orgasm. Simple :) Please rate all the content to help improve the site by clicking the star rating at the bottom of each post. Submit any pee stories you like, I will be honored to read about your pee adventures and publish the adult stories here. Thx! XXX Sinna



Shaq and I save the earth from M&Phils

submitted 7-5-17 by user Baloo the bear I once was hiking trough the forest to take nature shots, as I do more often. This time I went into a region I didn’t know so well, but there were many mushrooms and beautiful coloured...


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An Evening with SexySinna

By PaulyPeeps (c) 2016 I knew straight away it was Sinna walking in to the bar. There was no mistaking that pink hair and matching pink mini skirt. In real life she was just stunning, so confident in her six inch pink heels. I...

A little bit about me

My love for pee is pretty strong. I started naughty peeing and secret pee play at a very young age and have been doing it ever since. I could play with pee all day and give myself quests, like flooding the bathroom floor and then rolling in the pee fully-clothed, soaking the piss up until every last spot of my clothes was wet.

I often filmed my private pee play and people asked if they could get my personal clips. Young women with an authentic urine fetish are very rare as it is, but girls who film their private pee play and offer it on the internet barely exist.

So my clips quickly became very popular and I took the risk to go full-time, creating the most arousing scenes for you and me every day. When you watch me, you immediately feel that I enjoy the pee and get excited about every drop. Buying my pee clips in high definition is a luxury some just can't afford, which is why I am writing about my most naughty pee fantasies on

Whenever you have the money to support me, go to my clips4sale store and buy any of the high quality piss videos you like. I create new pee clips every day and write pee stories whenever I feel horny.

I earn just enough to support me and my family, so I appreciate every order that helps keep me living my pee dream.

Have a nice day and a wild orgasm! :)