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Author: Sinna

Was it meant to pee like that?

It was in the summer holidays. I had nothing to do and that felt very good. I am a person that never gets bored. I just dream away or fantasize about anything you can think of and it always seems as if time is just going by without me noticing. I was just dreaming and thinking about what it would feel like to have a different size of breasts and what the perfect breastsize would be… I must have been unconsciously touching my breasts, because that’s where my hands were, when I suddenly got startled by the sound of my phone ringing. I had to search for my phone and followed the sound to the bathroom, where I found it in the pocket of the pants that I had been wearing this morning. The pants were still wet from an unplanned, naughty game that I had secretly played with them when I was home alone, but luckily my phone was all dry and working perfectly. It was my friend Victoria, she was in the mood for a party and she told me about a guy she knew from her dancing course who was celebrating his birthday that evening. She didn’t know him well enough to go there alone, so she asked me if I felt like coming along. I was a bit indecisive. I always love a party, but...

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An Evening with SexySinna

By PaulyPeeps (c) 2016 I knew straight away it was Sinna walking in to the bar. There was no mistaking that pink hair and matching pink mini skirt. In real life she was just stunning, so confident in her six inch pink heels. I waved coquettishly, and she saw me and walked up to the bar. “Hi Sinna, so great to meet you after all this time chatting online.” I said. I was trying to be composed, but now I was in the presence of the famous Sinna. What would she think of boring me, my boring skirt suit nothing like her outfit. “Hi PP.” Sinna replied. “What would you like to drink? Something long and pink?” I asked. “Perhaps later.” She said. “For now just cola. A big one.” I ordered two large colas. Perhaps we were not so different; at least we drank the same. We picked up our drinks from the bar and I took a sip. “I think we had better sit over there.” Said Sinna gesturing to a quiet corner. I followed Sinna and we sat at a quiet table in the corner. “Ahh. That’s better.” Said Sinna with a look of relief on her face. Sinna began to check in her handbag, dropping a coin on to the floor. “Whoops!” Said Sinna. “Could you pick that up for me?” I bent down to...

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Fountain of Love

Scroll down to see more, click any picture to view full size I want to see more pictures and a video of the girls Take me to the full gallery and...

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Wondering in the Woods

It was a hot, sunny day and I am from the countryside, so I decided to take a hike in the woods. The woods are cool and refreshing, but the hiking still makes me sweat. I like it when my top gets a little wet and then the air cools me down. I was just 5 minutes into the woods when I noticed that I had to pee soon. I was usually drinking water all day when it was hot like that. After another 15 minutes I started to look for places where I could go pee. It was not urgent yet, so I took my time. 10 minutes later I really started to feel the urge right at my pee pee hole. There was a pressure mounting. Just when I wanted to go into the bushes, a hiker showed up on the path, coming towards me. I could not go right now and I could also not show how badly I needed to pee. The time it took for him to pass me seemed like forever, with my bladder approaching bursting point any second now. A quick greeting would help distract the man from my bodily state, I hoped. “Hello” “Hello” “Is this the way towards Waynesworth?” *oh no, he was asking me something!* “Uhm, yes, if you continue on this path for another 30 minutes, you will...

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Ways to Enjoy

I got to know this girl two weeks ago. We were dancing together in a group. Then it was her birthday and she invited me. It was very nice of her. The party was great and because I came from further away than anyone else, I was offered a place to sleep. She told me that I could share her double size bed with her, because her boyfriend was abroad for work. I did not mind, as I had done that many times before with other girls, even cuddling up and feeling protected by each other. After the last guests had left, I was pretty tipsy already. She also had had some drinks, but not as many as I had. After all, she had to be able to provide for her guests all the time. So we went to bed. Her bedroom was in the basement and there was an old wooden stove spending light and warmth. I immediately felt very good about it. On her bed there were some sheep furs, very soft and cozy. We changed into our pajamas. I did not look what she did, but I took off my panty as I always like to be naked underneath a soft silky fabric. I got in bed first, as she was putting another log into the fire. Rolling on my side, I felt her pulling up...

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