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Author: Sinna

Was it meant to pee like that?

It was in the summer holidays. I had nothing to do and that felt very good. I am a person that never gets bored. I just dream away or fantasize about anything you can think of and it always seems as if time is just going by...

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An Evening with SexySinna

By PaulyPeeps (c) 2016 I knew straight away it was Sinna walking in to the bar. There was no mistaking that pink hair and matching pink mini skirt. In real life she was just stunning, so confident in her six inch pink heels. I...

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Wondering in the Woods

It was a hot, sunny day and I am from the countryside, so I decided to take a hike in the woods. The woods are cool and refreshing, but the hiking still makes me sweat. I like it when my top gets a little wet and then the air...

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Ways to Enjoy

I got to know this girl two weeks ago. We were dancing together in a group. Then it was her birthday and she invited me. It was very nice of her. The party was great and because I came from further away than anyone else, I was...

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