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Was it meant to pee like that?

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It was in the summer holidays. I had nothing to do and that felt very good. I am a person that never gets bored. I just dream away or fantasize about anything you can think of and it always seems as if time is just going by without me noticing.

I was just dreaming and thinking about what it would feel like to have a different size of breasts and what the perfect breastsize would be… I must have been unconsciously touching my breasts, because that’s where my hands were, when I suddenly got startled by the sound of my phone ringing.

I had to search for my phone and followed the sound to the bathroom, where I found it in the pocket of the pants that I had been wearing this morning. The pants were still wet from an unplanned, naughty game that I had secretly played with them when I was home alone, but luckily my phone was all dry and working perfectly.

It was my friend Victoria, she was in the mood for a party and she told me about a guy she knew from her dancing course who was celebrating his birthday that evening. She didn’t know him well enough to go there alone, so she asked me if I felt like coming along. I was a bit indecisive.

I always love a party, but this felt like it would be a bit awkward. I didn’t know anything about the guy and from the stories that Victoria had told me about her dancing course, I only knew about nerdy or childish guys in there. Victoria admitted that this guy was a bit nerdy and that she didn’t really like him. She was just interested in the party, because he came from a rich family and he had been bragging about the good food and the champagne that would be there.

As much as the taste of real champagne had me curious, I still thought it didn’t sound like a party where I would belong. So Victoria and I decided to enjoy our party mood somewhere else and we agreed on going to the city.

At twelve past nine, we were both sitting in the bus on our way to the city. Victoria was wearing a short black skirt, high heeled brown boots and a shiny dark blue top. I thought the boots were a little bit too much. It was a hot night and she was obviously just wearing them to look sexy. On the other hand, she did really look sexy in them, so maybe it was actually the perfect outfit choice for a flirty night in a dancing club.

I looked at my white top, my jeans hotpants and red balletflats and I was glad that I was wearing my hair up high, with some cute light blue make up on my eyes, so that I didn’t look too underdressed next to her. She was wearing a thick line of black eyeliner, not my style, but it made her beautiful blue eyes very intriguing. Her curly red-brown hair was hanging over her shoulders. I could smell the summery smell of the fruity hairproducts that she had used. These curls looked so perfect, I just wanted to touch them.

I looked at her and our eyes met. Oh… what a shock… why did I feel like she had “caught” me? Why was she looking at me? Had I been staring at her? Had she noticed that? Had she been staring at me?

There was a strange kind of tension between us for a few seconds, that somehow felt very pleasuring. And at this point I realized I was, in some kind of way, feeling attracted to her.

I noticed how my vagina contracted a little and how I got all wet between my legs. I got a little scared, but at the same time it felt so wonderful. I looked at her face.

She was staring at her feminine, red fingernails. I got all hot and sweaty, because I had accidentally been thinking about:

1: Might she be feeling something for me as well?

And 2: How good would it feel if these sexy fingers would touch my dripping vagina?

Maybe one or two could even slide inside… And then the combination of 1 and 2, where I started wondering… what if she is thinking about it too?

Her long, female fingers fingering my juicy hot pussy. Oh I had to stop myself from moaning. This was probably the hottest I had ever felt – and that in a none nude, even public, situation. I couldn’t handle it anymore. The bus ride into the city takes almost an hour and we were only in there for about 5 minutes now. I had to do something.

“I have to pee”, I whispered. It wasn’t a complete lie, because I did need to go a little bit. Because of my dreamy ways, I had had to leave my house in a hurry to catch the bus, so there was no time to go to the toilet before I left. I wasn’t desperate to pee, but I could feel that my bladder was quite full and that peeing would give me a relieve.

“Now?” Victoria asked. “Can’t it wait til’ we get there?”

“You know how long we still have to drive before we get to the city.” I answered.

Victoria pushed the “stop” button on her left side and we both got out at the next stop.

“Well, there you go lady” Victoria said, pointing at one lonely bush with her still so arousing looking fingernail.

It felt much too public and open, but now that I was aware of my special feelings for Victoria, it was as if she had me under her spell.

With a little hesitation, I got behind the bush, opened my hotpants and pulled the pants and my panties down. It felt very strange to be this naked right at the busstop, but that wasn’t the only thing that was going through my mind.

I could only think about Victoria. Was she watching me right now? I felt like I was being watched, but I was too afraid to look at her.

Part of me wanted her to watch me, sitting there with my panties at my knees and my naked butt just above the ground,
but I knew that she was expecting me to let a gusher of pee out right away and I just couldn’t, so I was also hoping for her not to look.

I really wanted to pee.

I tried to feel how full my bladder was, how the pee wanted to come out. I looked at the ground and imagined how my piss would create a deep hole in the dirt and how a mixture of dirt and pee would stream down the pavement afterwards. I tried to feel how good it would feel to just let all that pee out – to just relax and pee – right there in that not so very secret spot.

It was useless. I just couldn’t let go.

I got back up, pulled up my panties and shorts and I went back to Victoria. Hoping that she had not been watching. Hoping that she wouldn’t say anything.

Victoria was looking at the bus schedule. “There won’t be another bus coming for the next 35 minutes. Would you like to go for a walk?” I was so relieved that she didn’t ask me about why I hadn’t peed, that nothing else mattered at that point. So I just said “yes” and walked with her.

Because of all the thinking about my full bladder and how good it would feel – and look – to let the pee out, I did feel a real need to pee right know. At first, I hoped it would go away again. After all, I couldn’t tell Victoria that I had to pee again. I didn’t want her to suspect anything.

It just had to go away by itself, so we walked and I held it in.

She was holding my hand. I was holding hers. I was dreaming away about her fingers touching my wet pussy again and I touched her red polished nails.

“Do you like the color?”, she asked. “Oh..” I came back from my thoughts and looked at her. “Yes, your hands look very sexy this way” I said. My voice felt a little insecure.

Meanwhile, I was feeling more and more desperate to pee.

I could feel how my bladder was stretching. We walked on and talked about all the colors of nailpolish that she had tried and about how I like to keep my nails natural, even on an occasion where I go out, like this night.

I was really desperate now. My bladder was starting to hurt.

She was talking about where we were going to go tonight. There was this club she really liked, but the drinks were so expensive there. I tried to talk back, but I had problems concentrating and listening to her. I could only think about how badly I needed to pee. I saw some bushes that would have created a perfect cover for me to pee behind. But I couldn’t say anything, so we just walked on.

My bladder was really hurting now. I was tightening all my muscles and must have looked like a robot, but the only important thing was to hold my pee. We walked by some trees, then there was a parked van, a hidden corner behind an empty building – Victoria was talking about her shoes. I couldn’t talk back anymore. I could only see all the spots pass by, where I could have let my pee gush out and enjoy that huge relieve.

I had to use my free hand to grab my crotch for a second.

Did she see that? I looked at her. She was looking at the sky.

“What a beautiful evening”, she said. And I felt some drops of pee slowly forcing their way out of my peehole. Luckily I got it back under control before anything would show. But my wet panties rubbing against my pussylips were telling me that I didn’t have much time anymore.

“Let’s go into this parking garage”, Victoria said. I was too desperate to think or ask anything and I just followed her.

Somewhere between the parked cars, she suddenly stopped. She was standing in front of me and looked at me with a very intense look in her eyes. She opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything.

Then she softly touched my neck with her so arousing fingers. A wave of hotness shot through my body, like a burning arrow had set my entire body on fire. The fire was still spreading throughout my body when I felt pussyjuice making my pussylips even more slippery. A blink of an eye later, the wetness was being washed away.

I tried everything to hide my desperation and my hornyness from her. Was this just me and my arousal? Had I been interpreting everything she had said and done in a sexual way? Or was she playing with me here. Did she feel it, too? Would she want to feel my fingers just as much as I wanted to feel hers?

She must have seen the hornyness in my eyes. Or maybe she had the exact same feelings. Or – and I trust her to do something like that – she had planned it like this all along.

Anyhow, still looking at me with her beautiful eyes, she asked: “Have you ever kissed a girl?” I opened my mouth. I wanted to answer, but I didn’t know what to say. And before I knew, our faces were closing in on each other.

My lips touched her lips, her lips touched mine. Our tongues delicately played with each other. We kissed!

The soles of my feet were tingling. My entire body got hot and cold, alternating in milliseconds and, starting from my vagina, a sensational feeling spread all across the inside of my skin, getting more and more intense. I smelled her perfect hair. I heard my own heartbeat and could feel it pounding throughout my body.

At the same time, I completely lost control over my bladder and all my other muscles. Everything just happened and there was nothing I could do but enjoy it.

I felt my bladder getting back into it’s normal shape again. I felt how my shorts were getting all warm and wet. I heard the echoing sound of the pee splashing down onto the concrete floor of the parking garage. I could feel small, hot drops splash up against my lower legs and onto my feet. I could smell urine – from the cloud of steam rising from my hot piss – filling the air around us. As the stream of pee was getting less powerful, I could feel it trickling down my legs.

The pleasure of this intense, sexual feeling, combined with this extreme relief… It all just felt so amazing.

My heart was pounding incredibly fast and loud. My entire body was shaking and shivering. My head felt unbelievably light. I thought I would faint. Then I realized that I had to breathe.

When the pee had stopped running, I could still hear the sound of it. It took me a moment until I realized: Victoria was peeing as well.

Our lips slowly lost contact. Victoria took my face with both of her hands. She looked at me. I was standing there, completely exhausted and overwhelmed by it all. I saw some kind of triumph in her eyes. As if she had won the game that she had been playing with me.

“You are a good kisser”, she said. And then: “Oh, and I also really enjoyed the view of your naked ass, when you were trying to pee earlier.”

I couldn’t say anything. I was still having problems breathing and standing upright without falling over. It took me a few minutes until I was able to move and speak again.

“Wow that was amazing”, I said. Then I looked down at my wet pants. I said: “I don’t want anyone to see me like this.” But before Victoria could say anything, a masculine voice spoke: “Don’t worry. I already have. I even have the footage recorded on tape.”

A big man in a security uniform walked towards us, pointing out the security camera’s with his finger while he explained.

Victoria smiled and pulled up her skirt a little. “There must be something we can do to make that footage disappear”, she said with a sensual voice, curling her hair around her finger.

“There must be a way to make a strong, big man like you happy enough to forget about something he saw.”

I felt very intimidated by the way this man was looking at us. My legs started to shake again.

“I’m more interested in the quiet one”, he said. And he was looking at me.

At this point, all the wonderful pleasure that I had been feeling just a moment ago, had made room for an incredibly huge fear.

“Lets go”, he said and he grabbed my arm. I could see how his huge boner was creating a big bulge in his pants…

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