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I got to know this girl two weeks ago. We were dancing together in a group. Then it was her birthday and she invited me. It was very nice of her. The party was great and because I came from further away than anyone else, I was offered a place to sleep. She told me that I could share her double size bed with her, because her boyfriend was abroad for work.

I did not mind, as I had done that many times before with other girls, even cuddling up and feeling protected by each other. After the last guests had left, I was pretty tipsy already. She also had had some drinks, but not as many as I had. After all, she had to be able to provide for her guests all the time. So we went to bed. Her bedroom was in the basement and there was an old wooden stove spending light and warmth. I immediately felt very good about it.

On her bed there were some sheep furs, very soft and cozy. We changed into our pajamas. I did not look what she did, but I took off my panty as I always like to be naked underneath a soft silky fabric. I got in bed first, as she was putting another log into the fire. Rolling on my side, I felt her pulling up the blanket and getting underneath. Soon after, I felt her cold feet on the calf of my back leg. She immediately pulled it back and said “sorry”.

The cold had shaken me up a bit, but I replied “oh, no problem”. She said “You are warmed up already. Can I spoon with you until I get warmer?” not finding that a crazy idea at all, as we girls often cuddle, I said “yes, of course. Come here”

She rolled over and clinged to me tightly, putting her arms around me so that I was lying on her upper arm while her other arm was holding my chest, just below my perky breasts. Of course I could feel her tits against my back. They were pretty big and soft.

“good night” I said “good night, thanks for coming” she replied. “No problem, it is my pleasure.”

I felt my bladder stretching and being very full at that time already, but you know how it is. Just having gotten under that blanket and warmed up, I did not want to stray through the basement looking for a toilet. “I can hold it until tomorrow” were my last thoughts before I fell asleep.

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I woke up in the middle of the night because I REALLY had to pee so badly. My friend was still tied up around me. Slightly panicking, I wanted to pull the blanket back quickly and get upstairs. At least I knew where the toilet was there, as opposed to the basement. With thoughts already at the toilet, I noticed that I couldn’t move my hands very far. I seemed to be stuck at my wrists! What was going on?

While I still wondered, I heard a soft, female voice whispering in my ear, nibbling gently at my earlobe in between words “it’s ok Sinna. You are safe with me. I tied your hands to the bed” “what?? why??” I replied anxiously. “Pssst” she hissed to indicate that I should lower my voice.

“You fell asleep instantly. I was rubbing your cute belly when I noticed that you had a big bulge that was steadily increasing in size. I suppose you need to pee?”

“Yes, but I can’t go with my hands tied to the bed. Is that a joke?”

“No, my dear Sinna. And I hope that you forgive me for this. I am attracted to your belly and huge bladder and I just want to keep you here with that beautiful bulge.”

As she said that, I noticed that indeed, there had been some movement at my lower back. Thinking about it, I just wanted to dismiss it as random sensation when a juicy wet tongue barely touched my neck and the girl was moaning with pleasure.

“Oh my god, she is masturbating!!” I realized.

The moaning got louder quickly and with the most sexy intonation I had ever “felt” she whispered right in my ear “I… am.. exploding.. against you… Sinna” she trembled and moaned loudly now and I could hear loud hissing. My back got very warm all of a sudden and I heard what seemed to be the sound of water shooting out somewhere. The side I lay on felt wet now and it seemed to spread through my pajamas, making me warm everywhere.

“What was that?” I asked. “I also needed to pee. I just could not hold it in. Sorry, but I emptied my bladder against your back and into my bed just now. But isn’t it nice and warm?”

“Yes, but…” I mumbled, when she interrupted me: “No buts today, Sinna. I will help you. Tying your hands was the first step. Now the bed and your pajamas are already wet, so there is nothing you need to worry about, for example this” and I felt her very wet hand creeping under my pajamas and slightly into my pants. I thought she wanted to touch my pussy, but instead, I felt huge pressure on my bladder. She was pushing down on my bulge!

“No please, I really need to pee” I shouted “Don’t worry dear. Calm down, concentrate on the good feelings” she somehow was right. The pressure made me feel uncomfortable, but there was a pleasant tingle in my peehole that I could concentrate on. Still, I felt that it was wrong peeing anywhere else than in a toilet. “Please let me go, I am bursting” I wept. “I know Sinna, I know” she whispered very calmly and released the pressure on my bladder, keeping her hand on my stomach.

The blanket was pulled up slightly, letting in some fresh air that gave me goosebumps and made my nipples stand up. She pulled out her arm from under my head and was moving upwards against my back. Soon after, she had rolled over me and was now lying in front of my. We were facing each other. She stuck her head in between my bound arms and hugged me, pushing one of her legs in between my thighs, so that it touched me “down there”. Then she grabbed me very tightly. I got wet at the front, as her wet clothing was touching mine. We lay in a puddle of liquid that was still nice and warm. Her face was very close to mine when she said “May I kiss you long and passionately?” and her lips were teasingly and briefly touching up against mine.

Somehow, the whole situation felt so intimate and special that I embraced the atmosphere. I was in the mood for passion and definitely kissing. So without giving a verbal answer, I pushed my head a bit forward and our lips touched permanently. She had soft lips and wow, she was a good kisser. Her breasts were pushing against my erect nipples which, combined with her incredible lip and tongue movements, aroused me more than I had ever been before. Had I not been entirely wet around my body, I would have felt it in my pants now. On the inside, I knew that my fluids were running all about my genitals. I really got lost in the moment and totally relaxed.

I gave myself to her as she led me with her slightly dominant but oh so gentle mouth to new dimensions of passion. Girl passion it was and there was something else that I did not notice at that moment. While conquering my mind with her lust, inducing her horny ecstasy into my blood, she was slowly increasing the pressure on my belly again. At the point where I suddenly noticed it, it was already too late. I could not control it at all. She knew exactly what she was doing. Immediately when I started to pee freely and without any chance to hold it back, she released the kiss, put her cheek on mine, pulled her body against me and her top leg around me. When she also started to pee and we were essentially pissing into each others crotch, she whispered into my ear “we are one now” and she was right. Not through penetration, but through our combined streams of hot pee that no one could separate now. No one could tell which was which any more, as we were one entity of passion, surrounded by a lake of joy.

Something snapped. My hands were free. She had cut me loose. “Hold me” she said “don’t let me go” and I did. There was nothing I wanted more. After a long hug, we started to kiss passionately and wildly, eventually rolling around in the pee, our hands went to explore our bodies until the morning, when we, meanwhile both naked, rolled up in a tight cuddle. “You can go pee now if you still want to” she said, as we smiled at each other exhausted. I gave her a kiss, whispered “thank you” into her ear “I’m fine” and we both fell asleep.

The End
written by Sinna 3feb-2014
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