Wondering in the Woods

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It was a hot, sunny day and I am from the countryside, so I decided to take a hike in the woods. The woods are cool and refreshing, but the hiking still makes me sweat. I like it when my top gets a little wet and then the air cools me down.

I was just 5 minutes into the woods when I noticed that I had to pee soon. I was usually drinking water all day when it was hot like that. After another 15 minutes I started to look for places where I could go pee. It was not urgent yet, so I took my time.

10 minutes later I really started to feel the urge right at my pee pee hole. There was a pressure mounting. Just when I wanted to go into the bushes, a hiker showed up on the path, coming towards me. I could not go right now and I could also not show how badly I needed to pee. The time it took for him to pass me seemed like forever, with my bladder approaching bursting point any second now.

A quick greeting would help distract the man from my bodily state, I hoped.



“Is this the way towards Waynesworth?”

*oh no, he was asking me something!*

“Uhm, yes, if you continue on this path for another 30 minutes, you will find a sign that has Waynesworth on it”

“Great, thank you! Would you mind if I had a sip of water from you? I got a little lost and have no water left.”

*oh noo.. this takes too long, I need to peeeee!!*

“Oh, yes of course, take my bottle.”

We had to wait for him to finish drinking. The water bubbling through the bottle made me crazy. I had to pee soo badly. A rush of urgency overcame me. I felt it would shoot out with such power that I might even rip my panty. I had to do something in a split second and I..

.. grabbed my crotch. Really hard and deep with one hand. I bent over slightly as well and turned a little to the side, so he would not notice.

But it was too little too late as he asked:

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, I just need to pee”

“Oh, sorry, I won’t bother you any longer”

*yes, I might be able to dash into the bushes and make it*

“Alright, see you”

“I hope so. You are a beautiful woman”

“Oh, thank you. That was sweet, I really can’t wait any longer though”

*I feel pee in my crotch, it’s getting warmer down there*

I started to make a run for it and just left him standig there.

An ocean of hot pee was trying to get out of my tiny pee hole and I just could not hold it any longer. Barely 5 meters further uphill, with the best immediate cover I could find – which was just a small branch – I pulled my hiking skirt up, squatted and just let the pee flow through my panty and spandex leggings.

Ohh what a relief. It was so powerful, I almost felt like disturbing the animals in the woods. What a gusher. A wide spread, thick stream unloaded onto the ground and quickly carved a hole. It filled with pee, overflowed and a small pee stream started flowing downhill.

It became bigger and bigger as I just could not stop peeing. I was broken, my bladder had won and all the pee could just flow freely.

As I finished, I fet like I had peed for 3 minutes straight. I was actually standing at the edges of a huge puddle that had formed between my legs. Had it not been for the pee river down the hill, I would have soaked my shoes.

My brain started to work again and I realized the situation I was in.

Just when I thought: “How do I clean myself now?”

I heard a voice behind me

“That must have felt good. Do you need a handkerchief?”

I immediately started to blush and by the time I turned around, my face was as red as a tomato.

“I.. uhm.. ah.. hum… well.. would you mind turning around then?”

*I feel happy. This guy had just basically watched me have an orgasm of pee here in the woods. The weather is great, I am young, I feel free*

“No, sure. Of course I will turn around, don’t worry”

I took his bag of tissues and went a little further up the hill again. There was a plateau of sorts with some bushes against a large rock, about 4 meters high. The space in between the bushes and the rock was perfect to undress and clean up without anyone noticing – now that I knew of at least one person that was in the area.

I took off my shoes, my socks were soaked, so I took them off as well. Then I removed the leggings. They were so wet that it felt heavy. I quickly took off my panty, letting it slide from my bare feet.

Stepping out of my panty, I bent over to start cleaning my feet. After a while – I had just cleaned up to my knees – I felt something falling on my back and it sounded full of energy.

I got up and felt it fall up my back onto the back of my head and now right onto my head. Now it felt like a shower and right at that moment, I noticed the water spattering around me.

“Hey!!” I shouted, trying to look up.

Then it stopped. I heard nothing. Just birds chirping. I looked around, there was no one there.

“What a stupid prank” I thought. “Now I need to change completely”

Luckily, I had another pair of panties – I am a woman after all – and a jogging suit in reserve. I kept that in my bag in case I stayed out longer and it got late and cold.

*I could actually get dressed well enough to get back home on bare feet*

I unzipped my vest, removed my top and just started contemplating whether I needed to take off the sports bra as well, when I noticed something strange.

There was a smell of pee.

Of course I had just peed myself, so that was not unusual in itself, but I had one of these rare moments when you instantly feel a hot sensation in your clitoris, your vagina gets wet, you breathe a little faster and your head gets warm. I got aroused! Why?!

Is being naked in the woods and realizing that I would be totally bare after unhooking my bra a fetish of mine that I did not know about? I.. I was unsure, so I quickly felt up my vagina, sticking a finger half way in. Oh yes, I was so wet and open.. I was like a female who got biologically ready to mate.

But with whom? Haha, I started smiling at the random thought.

Then I heard a noice. I quickly ducked behind the bushes:

“Who is there?” I asked.

“It’s me” a familiar-sounding voice answered.

*oh no, THAT guy again, why has he not walked on?*

“You found a nice spot. I need to pee, you know, I’ll just go over there.” he continued.

I stayed in my hideout, but the guy was walking towards me! I could see a little bit through the bushes, but only enough to see small parts of the person. I heard him stop just outside of my bush-wall. Then..

*what the fuck??*

He unzipped and took out a rather big penis. I am serious, I am not writing this to make it sound like a cheap pornographic act, I am just telling you the truth. And I remember very well, that he had impressed me at that moment.

He aimed his penis towards.. Me!! ?? Before I could say anything, a strong stream drilled through the leaves and the split streams and loose spatters of pee hit me all over my body. I raised my hand across my face and made a surprised sound like “ahh” or something, not worth mentioning any further, but that was my reaction.

He just continued.

*This could not be a coincidence.. he knew that I was hiding here.. what is going on?*

I somehow did not say anything. I was just too.. overwhelmed, shocked, aroused, naked. I meant to go for a hike, now look what has happend in the past 5 minutes!

He finished, then I heard him walk around the bushes to the right side, where you could get to where I was.

I quickly took my pile of clothes and tried to cover myself, awaiting him to see me soon. I heard him approach.

“Look at you”, he said. “You are completely wet, haha!” he laughed, then came closer and bowed down to the side of my head. He whispered into my ear “and I mean… ..completely”

My face turned red again, I could feel it. I was anxious, surprised, flabbergasted and still fairly naked somewhere in the woods. Drops of pee were dripping slowly from my pubic hair onto the leaves below. Not my own pee.

It was silent and we both could literally hear how wet I was.

*I can’t talk. What is going on*

I could not talk anymore. I wanted to, but it didn’t happen. How do you talk? It’s pretty much automatic, but it didn’t “start”. There was not much time to talk anyway..

“Don’t be scared. This is a comfortable place. Our bodies will explain this to each other” he whispered into my ear again.

I felt a cold shiver run down my back. Something that can make me a little wet by itself sometimes”

*What does he mean by that?*

While I was thinking, he held his hand over my eyes so I could not see anymore.


He was very gentle and had a soft voice, I have to give him that.

And he pushed me a little backwards. I was sitting on my heels initially. He increased the pressure and I felt his other hand firmly support the back of my head.

He pushed me back and I rolled off on my back. Then he gently laid my head down, removing the hand below. He still covered my eyes with his other hand and now he did something.

*What should I do? CAN I do something?*

I heard a zipper, then felt a finger on my lips. A pretty big finger. My mouth was halfway open so I could breathe more comfortably with the hand putting a little pressure on my nose.

Then it got warm on my lip, around my mouth, down my neck, towards my ears, on my cheeks and in my mouth.


“You can drink it” he said.

I was relieved, he was just taking care of me. Really sweet. Maybe some chinese tea or strange soup? I did not know.

I drank some of it.

I did notice a pee smell again though, but I was lying with my pee drenched clothes on my belly on my back in pee that he had just shot through the bushes..

*wait a minute. He had just peed towards me, so why should he take care of me now?*

“I will remove my hand now, you can open your eyes, but you don’t have to. Our bodies don’t need vision to talk”

*this is either going to be great or the biggest mistake of my life*

I left my eyes closed. Then the finger pushed a little onto my lip. I opened my mouth to approach it with my tongue. Just to feel it. I went around the tip with my tongue when I realized “oh my god, it’s.. could it be??”

I took it into my mouth and closed my lips around it. Definitely, this was no finger. This felt more like a man’s penis.

I had only tasted one two times before, when I tried blowjobs with some youth boyfriend as a teenager. But I did not like it back then and I thought he did not need it either, his penis was always hard anyway.

I was never a really sexual person.

I just did it a few times because everyone did it. Just to be cool, you know?

But this was different. This penis was getting bigger only now that I had put my lips around it. He was also pushing it a little further in.

It suddenly felt warm again. This time I knew it right away. He was peeing into my mouth. I let it out through my lips, along his penis, down my cheeks and ears – I was still lying on my back.

The hot sensation between my legs happened another time.

*I obviously get aroused by pee?!*

He was finished just after a small spurt, then he started to go in and out of my mouth. I let him, I even tried to take it in and out with my lips and tongue. I think he enjoyed it, because I heard him breathe more heavily.

His penis was throbbing and really hard now. I used my hands – I had forgotten that I had them – to cover my vagina with the clothes from my belly. The damp clothes felt exciting on my genitals and I decided to slide a hand underneath to feel my pussy.

It was throbbing and swollen, slippery wet – not only on the inside – and it felt amazing when I touched it.

*Wow, what is going on with my body?*

Now, in hindsight – using my mouth to stimulate a man’s penis is not as arousing in itself than you might think. I don’t get sexual stimulation out of it. But the thought of being used here, lying in my pee, having just wet myself – it was such an arousing thought.

I mean, I had caused this. It was my fault. I wet myself more or less in front of a stranger, then didn’t notice him. I kind of lured him here!

*Poor guy, I think he earned this*

I felt so cheap and actually humiliated, being naked in this pee place with a strangers dick in my mouth. I mean: he had peed into my mouth and I drank it. His AND my pee were drying on my skin – everywhere.

However, this was the most arousing feeling I had ever felt. It was so intense that I took control of me. My body was obviously showing heavy signs of arousal and it was matching my brain. I got lost in my own space. Eyes closed, focussing on sensations. The penis comig in, sliding over my wet and soft tongue, grinding along my cheek, between my teeth, touching the soft spots back in my throat, then leaving at just the right moment for everything to get back to normal, then sliding in again, throbbing, searching, essentially violating.

Violating my soul in a way that I was getting more and more lost in my own quest to reach orgasm.

I was now rubbing my clit at a steady pace with firm pressure. Juices were flowing from my vagina, I felt the sticky fluid between my ass cheeks, running down.

Now there was a pressure on my clothes-pile. Something was making it’s way through. Slowly, but soon enough his hand reached my hand. I think it was only now that he realized I was touching myself.

The clitoris being taken care of by myself, he slid his hand further down and – unconventional for this gental “giant”, he started to enter me with his fingers quite eagerly.

Sloppy wet sounds were now not only coming from my mouth, which was dripping pee and saliva left and right, but even more so from my vagina.

I had the cold wet clothes pile on top, so it was hushed, but being able to feel both spots intensely, I could enjoy the full experience either way.

He was getting a little wilder.

*Poor guy, I made him go crazy when he realized I was pleasing myself*

I was happy. He knew he was safe. What a risk did he taken. I could have said no at any time. I could – and normally would have – reacted totally differently. At least I had always thought that I would never end up with a stranger in a position even remotely like this, because I would stop it way earlier.

But the connection of circumstances that day had just led this way and it was good. I felt safe and I felt needed, wanted, hungered for. The way he used his fingers inside me, the velocity of his movements, everything pointed towards the secure assumption that he was pleased with what I was offering, which made me feel proud of myself.

“Take me inside” he said. “Please”

and surprising to you and me, at this point, I automatically talked. Like people always do. I was functioning again!

I guess it was because he said please, which conveyed a certain weakness, actually a weakness bordering on kindness in my experience back then.

Him showing this kindness made me feel in control of myself again.

He removed his penis from my mouth and I immediately started missing the feeling. I wanted that combination, those two spots. One where I get used more, but he gets pleasured. The other where I get pleasured two ways while he has to do some work. They were balanced.

“No.” I said, smiling, hoping he would have his eyes open.

I still had mine closed.

“Come here” I said, with an impudent tone.

And I found his penis where I imagined it would be, grabbed it firmly and put it back into my mouth.

*It feels really nice in my hand: firm, thick, soft and manly at the same time*

It felt the same in my mouth and I felt good pleasuring it.

He was not fighting my decision. It was an egoistic decision, ignoring his wish to enter me right there and then, I had him use his hand to do the dirty work instead. Poor guy, but he did not need much stamina, as I was very aroused already.

I felt myself approach orgasm and the atmosphere got more dense. My mind focused on that one big feeling approaching.

*A little like that huge pee pressure earlier*

It was coming. There was no doubt. As sure as I had peed my pants, I would orgasm here in the woods, under a pile of wet clothes, fingered by a man or at least someone with two hands and a penis.

“Ohhh.. yeeeeeeeees” “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” “Shiiiiiit” “Ohhrhchr myyyyyyyyy god”

I came intensely and loud. No, I didn’t know that I would swear like that, sorry! I had never exploded like that before. Not even close.

That “Ohhrhchr” was not a typo, it was my sore throat trying to utter a last, loud sound after the brutal energy of my first full blown pee orgasm had hit me and it was not like an Oohhhhhhh it was more like a gargling Ohhrhchr.

I was riding his finger, grinding my vagina up and down with my hips, vigorously using my mouth on him – when I came.

Now that I lay there defenseless, totally exhausted, I let my arms fall to the sides and stretched my legs.

“Ohhh that was amazing.. now you can do to me whatever you want” I said, actually yawning during the “whatever”, because of exhaustion.

I did not hear anything. Instead, I felt drops on my neck, breasts and belly. I think one hit me right in my belly button. A loud, manly moaning could be heard. I heard it beter in my right than in my left ear.

Then he walked towards my feet, I was ready for everything. However, my anticipation faded when I noticed the steps going further away.

I opened my eyes and wanted to see where he was going, but when I opened the lids, I was looking directly into the bright sun, because there were no trees on the rock to block it.

Blinded for a moment, I rubbed my eyes and sat up. When I could see a little, no one was there anymore. I could not just jump up, as my body was numb from the orgasm. I saw the pile of clothes on my lap and on there was a big load of white goo.

*He came on my pee clothes*

It was obvious. He had ejaculated onto my clothes rather than my mouth or breasts. The drops I had felt were just landing early on their way to the pile. Essentially, he would have hit my vagina if it hadn’t been for the clothes.


I felt relief. I had somehow gotten into this and I had survived the situation. My parents had warned me about a lot of things and on top of that list were men in a 1 on 1 situation out in the woods.

But I was lucky. No violence, at least not towards me – I don’t know what would have happened if I had said “no”. No pregnancy, I felt good, I was satisfied, I actually had had the best orgasm ever, I found out that pee could make my vagina ready for mating and I was proud of my unique experience.

The sun was shining and I was naked in the woods.

Everything was alright. I smiled and dreamed about the act that had just taken place between the two human genders.

*this was the most arousing thing ever*

I concluded, got up, took a quick pee to get the bacteria out of my urethra (it actually even felt great to pee after that stimulation), put on my jogging suit, stuffed all the “sexed” and pee wet clothes into my backpack and went back to the path.

“There you are”


the guy from earlier ran down the path from the direction I came from.

“I still had your bottle, sorry! I had walked on quite a bit and couldn’t get back here sooner. I ran all the way.”

“I uhm..”

*What is going on? This guy is really exhausted and I am not sure he sounds like the one who touched me*

“J..just put it down, I’ll pick it up later”

“Well okay then, thanks again”

He put the bottle down and left towards the direction he had come from. I actually needed to go the same way, but I was a little shocked and hesitant.

If he had just told the truth… who had been THAT guy I just had had some sort of pee sex with?

*Was that a wet stain on his pants or just a shadow?*

I was wondering in the woods.

The End
written by Sinna 22nov-2015
© 2pee4you, www.sexysinna.com